Reporting on football

Yesterday was my first day reporting on the football. The match was a league 2 game, Hartlepool United vs Wycombe Wanderers. 

My press pass meant I sat in the press box with the other reporters and gained entry into the match for free. I felt very professional. 

My job was simple. Use the Radio Hartlepool account to live tweet the game while Mark writes up the match report. 

What I realised, quickly, was that football is a very fast paced game. The whole swing of the match can change in a matter of seconds and you have to pay attention to every little detail in order to be able to report well on it. 

The problem came with knowing what to tweet. What are football fans interested in? Do they care about almost goals? About who get’s subbed? About who is injured?

I decided to stick with a very basic format. Tweeting when anyone got subbed or injured or a goal was scored. If nothing dramatic happened I would just tweet every ten minutes with the minute and the score. 

Unfortunately my home team didn’t win and the match finished Pools 1 – 2 Wycombe (although Pools did score an impressive goal in the last two minutes – their first goal of the league). 

After the match we waited around for an hour hoping for an interview that we never got. A shame, but that’s just part of the job. Some weeks we’ll get an interview, other weeks we will go home empty handed and disappointed. 

Now I have to be honest: I am not a major football fan. However, reporting at the match was exciting and new and something I found myself really enjoying. I can see myself taking a keen interest into football in the future and will enjoy reporting at Pool’s home games. 

I’m really grateful for this opportunity because let’s be honest: how many other 17 year olds get to report on football matches? 


One thought on “Reporting on football

  1. I was keeping my brother updated by text and its pretty hard finding enough of a break in play to describe what’s happened, even without the character limit!

    As well as goals, subs and injuries, I’d recommend describing chances – e.g. there was at least one dogged goal mouth scramble in the Wycombe game that’d be worth mentioning, can’t remember which other chances there were off the top of my head.
    Sure you’ll pick it up with experience though!

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