Sitting in the offices of Radio Hartlepool

Th experience thus far has been.. interesting to say the least.

I am yet to be on air but I have wrote press releases.. something I’ve never done before but something I’ve found to be quite easy and maybe I have a talent for? We’ll see. The press released will be said on air on Lee’s show.

The people here are all lovely people… yet once again I find myself the only female and also the youngest person in the group. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. People are more eager to help me because I am younger (and possibly because of the female part).

But I can’t help being a little bit offended. I am very capable of looking after myself when given the opportunity. I just need the chance.

Yet I have learnt a lot about radio. The group is close, funny and always willing to lend a hand. I find myself fitting it and enjoying myself. I do quite like it here and hopefully when given the chance will be able to prove my abilities.



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