Sitting in the offices of Radio Hartlepool

Th experience thus far has been.. interesting to say the least.

I am yet to be on air but I have wrote press releases.. something I’ve never done before but something I’ve found to be quite easy and maybe I have a talent for? We’ll see. The press released will be said on air on Lee’s show.

The people here are all lovely people… yet once again I find myself the only female and also the youngest person in the group. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. People are more eager to help me because I am younger (and possibly because of the female part).

But I can’t help being a little bit offended. I am very capable of looking after myself when given the opportunity. I just need the chance.

Yet I have learnt a lot about radio. The group is close, funny and always willing to lend a hand. I find myself fitting it and enjoying myself. I do quite like it here and hopefully when given the chance will be able to prove my abilities.




So today was my interview for Radio Hartlepool. They told me all about the station, showed me around and were generally really nice to me. They told me they needed someone to do local news as no one had done it for over a year – asked me if I was interested. 

Hell yes I’m interested. This kind of work experience will be so beneficial in the future. It will help me get into university, get a job and teach me loads about how radio stations work, how to put together a news bulletin and present it. 

The whole team seems really nice and I’m really grateful for this opportunity. 

Will keep you updated on what happens there 🙂