The Beauty of Twitter

Today I tweeted ‘need some work experience #please’ 

Within a few hours one of the DJ’s at my local radio station replied with ‘where are you based?’. Within minutes I was offered work experience. 

Throughout the day emails and tweets have been sent back and forth and I start work experience at Radio Hartlepool next Tuesday. 

People often say that social networks are killing society – that they prevent us from communicating face to face – but for people trying to get the career they want they are nothing but useful. I have a twitter, a facebook, a blog, a tumblr, a linkedin and when it was popular I had a myspace. 

Point being that twitter and other social networks can be the most powerful weapons at our disposal – whether we use them for good or bad is up to us. In this case twitter has only brought about good things for me and I am hopeful that it will keep doing so. 


Exploring Journalism

This weekend has been spent at Nottingham University attending a journalism conference. It has made me more determined than ever to succeed as a journalist whilst supplying me with the skills I need to make it. I have always wanted to be a journalist but until now this ambition has been undermined by other things – but no longer. Now I have the skills, the recourses, the ability to make my own future.

Why the blog?

One of my lectures told us to create a blog. So I did. But what do I write about? Anything.

This blog will be filled with article’s I’ve wrote, articles that have been published, work experience, contacts I’ve made – my journey to where I want to be.

What I have learned from this weekend is that only I can be the catalyst to my success. Cheesy, I know, but true. Nobody else can get me work experience. Nobody else can get me contacts. Nobody else can run my blog.

I will do this, and I will do it well.

“Make success a habit”